The Mattress Industry is One Big Rip-Off

Published on Dec 5, 2018

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Ryuu Gureen
Just buy your mattresses outside the US where it's MUCH cheaper.
Who is the blond woman at the start he starts talking to?
Oday Bisharat
There are good options out there, go to small mom and pop shops that don’t sell sealy, Serra. Go to furniture stores, not mattress stores.
Derek Czerkaski
So I liked this video a lot, except for the end. It's kind of bogus to highlight something as a scam and a problem, yet provide no alternative solutions at all...
Legolas E
And we all know that mattress firm is a money laundering company.
Weee, Arden!
Arden Myrin Is looking good as Kathy :)
Cear Rose
How tf do you ruin mattress?
Extremely Low Quality Content
College Humor has become a left wing scummy channel. This used to be a great channel. What happened?
Chris Ducat
I like that ending a lot more than I should... :-P
I sleep wonderful on my mattress that is older than myself. \o/
Trung Tran Thanh
The Government was supposed to fight monopoly. US of A supposed to fight for freedom and against corruption.
bryan ingram
You want to know the worst thing about Casper is that I used to work for 1800 got junk and they have the contract to take away the mattress and dispose of it. Leaving them in the land fill.
Will Sturdy
I just finished buying a mattress. This is all true. Casper, Endy etc are all full of fluff. Coil count means nothing, it’s actually the quality of the foam used, none of which is reflected in the price. I opted for a brand that doesn’t have bells and whistles and is priced very cheap because they don’t spend money on advertising.
I worked at a mattress company assembling mattresses. The expensive models are just extra shit on top of shit that does nothing for comfort. And a few of the different models are the same layers (materials) but in different order. So you basically don't even need any of the other layers, all you really feel are the top to layers and in some of them just the top layer. You're better off buying the cheapest one (as long as it's not a spring mattress).
Erica Tarasoff
I mean, there's always growing your own hay and cotton, turning the cotton into a sack, stuffing the sack with your hay, and sleeping on that...
I'm not one to advertise for free, but we had a great experience with Brentwood Home. The right variety to pick from, and if you hate your first mattress from them they'll just send you a different one.
tom spud
Mattress, car, kitchen, holiday, sofa and clothes. It's all the same. The Industry is full of people, just like you and me who are paid money to talk shit, promote the business they work for and part their fellow human being with their money. It's called Capitalism and life! Stupid video.
An indescribable loser
Futons are nice
Hajime Kamukura
I'll still sleep like a baby on most surfaces.
agr metor
Normally I'd just find a used Temperpedic matress off of Craigslist, but there's this popular rhyme that has me abscond from such intent: One bug, two bug, red bug, bed bug.
Sam Pillow
Glad I watched this before I got sucked in to those tempting Casper ads
Z Mode
Damn adam really musta thought of this same time as me i was just thinking what tf did cavemen do with no matresses like ik they didnt live as long but still they didnt have fucked up back
The Inaugrinator
I bet this twink ruins a lot more than just mattresses
Pan!c on
this makes me scared to be an adult
Matti Meschenmoser
But honestly ,Adam ruins everything is so cringy and anoying. Worst part of College Humor
permacultured and free
Fart dack
Michael Rodgers
Bruh have u heard of Purple mattreses(seriously go check it out its not memoryfoam its like this super supportative gel)
King Beef
America is a fan scan.. Smh
Damn, looks like Adam ruined his hair too.
SF180352 AFG
This show is liberal propaganda garbage.
Gabriel Dupanchang
Shane who amiright
Shop for a cheap store to buy a cheaper product. (Example) Dollar General sells the same products as a Walmart but cheaper.
Christian Ward
The only reason people are watching this is so they can feel smarter. People watch this then spit out random facts about want ever the video was about then by next week they don't even remember anything about it. People will believe anything in the video just like they believe the reviews online. I remember the time before CollegeHumor sold out and was it so much better. Adam I hope one day people will realize CollegeHumor is just a part of corporate America. Everything these channel does has a motivation behind. Its all about selling a brand. BTW it not that hard to buy a bed and the wine trick dose work so don't act like it don't.
Kimberly Bernard
Wth!!!??? That didn't help me at all... Why bother to tell us, if nothing can be done... Smh
My nieces volleyball team love my mattress
Costco bitch
b- but I love casper
What's the name of the blonde actress?
Ben Gervin
Surely these guys aren’t in college anymore.
Hmmm I don't think we have those kinds of shops in Europe.
So is nobody gonna talk about the very end of the video?
Anna Cave
is she from insatiable
Jay S
MattressUnder . Com is a forum that explains everything about mattresses and as far as I know, doesn't take ad revenue for reviews as it's just a forum. I highly recommend checking it out as they explain what this video spoke of even further in depth.
Lol. That's messed up.
Aaand this is why I’m getting a shikibuton. Floor sleeping for the win.
Can't you try Casper for 100 days free before you buy it?
Sleep Number <3
2:13 LOL! not only is it not liquid but it's glued to the mattress XD
Idk why i'm watching a video about mattresses at 2am when i should be asleep
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