Eugene Volunteers At The Trevor Project

Published on Dec 3, 2018

TREVOR MIGHT BE EXPERIENCING HIGH VOLUMES AND WAIT TIMES RIGHT NOW, if you are not in an immediate crisis but still looking to connect with someone more quickly, their online community,, can help you connect with other young people between the ages of 13 and 24. Eugene volunteers at The Trevor Project, the world's largest suicide prevention organization for LGBTQ youth, and explores the training process it takes to become a lifeline counselor. Visit The Trevor Project at Support us! Join our Patreon to get videos a day early, plus, livestreams, chatrooms, BTS footage, exclusive merchandise, and more! SUBSCRIBE TO AND FOLLOW THE TRY GUYS FOLLOW THE GUYS FEATURING Joie A. DeRitis, LMSW Calvin Stowell Kevin Wong THE TRY GUYS The #TryGuys is the flagship channel of 2ND TRY, LLC. Tune in twice a week for shows from Keith, Ned, Zach and Eugene, the creators and stars of The Try Guys. MUSIC Licensed from AudioNetwork Additional Music licensed from Soundstripe SFX Licensed from Audioblocks VIDEO Licensed from Videoblocks Official Try Guys Photos By Mandee Johnson Photography | @mandeephoto 2nd Try, LLC STAFF Executive Producer - Keith Habersberger Executive Producer - Ned Fulmer Executive Producer - Zach Kornfeld Executive Producer - Eugene Lee Yang Producer - Rachel Ann Cole Production Manager - Alexandria Herring Production Coordinator - Emily Corsini Editor - Devlin McCluskey Editor - YB Chang Assistant Editor - Will Witwer Production Assistant - Kasiemobi Udo-okoye Production Assistant - Miles Bonsignore

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Tiffany Lorraine
I literally cried off 24 hour eyeliner.
wah boo hoo i feel sad feel bad for me ;( HAHAHAHAHAHA
I Wanna Father
I thought this was a Birdman video because of the title💀💀💀.
Luna Al bast
This video made me cry man
Logan Derb
WhenWill EugeneComeOut
Leo Tay
I may sound out of context but I think all youths need help.It is not only LGBTQ, school life Can be hard for anyone.All groups that help youths are worthy of supports.
Tom Ellis
love you Eugene
Tom Ellis
Eugene you were fit in that place but it wont work like you have done in itIt needs support to the other person
Elijah Rabouin
Ur son plays piano
what does LGBTQ+ stand for (ik the first 3 les, gay, bi but what are the rest
Stephart 2005
Dam it. You made me cry.
my_cat_hammy _is_my_life
Ned!! You have a larger beard than my dog XD omigooood, i'm soooo cheesy 😆😂
Alexandra Haikyuu
I feel like I'm straight but not... I don't know how to explain it really. I'm like really open to anything but I'm so scared of my family, I've always been openly accepting of the LGBT and I've verbally protected them against my family's harsh opinions and words and I've talked about the community before. I see how uncomfortable it makes most of them, most of my family is suuuuper Christian and really small minded. So I know that if I were to tell them this stuff they'd never be apart of my life again and I don't want to lose most of them. I'm sorry if you wasted your time reading this, I just needed to rant
Shelby Hartsell
One of my closest friends, who was trans, committed suicide back in Feburary. I had no idea that the Trevor Project was a thing, and I wish she had known as well. Our friends did everything we could, but she hid this deadly plan from us until it was too late.I never understood why people can't just be accepting. Someone's identity does not affect you, and people who think it's okay to put others through this emotional and sometimes physical torture because they do not fit the society mold just saddens me. I plan on applying to volunteer because while i may not be able to change things with my friend, I can try to help others.And I watched you guys since Day 1 and Buzzfeed era, but the amount of respect I have for you guys have skyrocketed.
So a girl at my school, she wasn't lgbtq+, but she just committed suicide. It's hard and I wish my friend had told someone that she had mentioned it more than twice. I wish she would have talked about what she was going through ...
Joey Wilson
If I want to be a moose can I be a /im dude if I wanna be a girl can I be a legit female
6Tyjodun Breadbin9
Who else cried when Eugene started to cry?😭😭
Captain Ultra 1097
Um kind of dark
Wes Ley
💓💓 ❤️ 💓 💓❤️💓💓
not important
Dammit, i hate crying.
Omg Eugene your too pure for me!!
Yugure No Kori
This made me feel so much better about everything basically. My home life and stuff has been so messed up within the past couple weeks and ive considered doing some stupid things. But this made me feel a lot better 💙
Brayden Tibbs
The only thing I have the problem with gay people is they always act diffrent and talk higher and always flip there wrist, if they didn't do tht and they just acted like us and then be gay I'll be fine with them
2:34 I’m like actually on the floor omg 😂
Katrina Darwin
My little nerdy heart is simultaniously dying at Joey but also so pumped that Eugene is a MCU nerd 💖
glitterlicious narwhal
WhAt iS tHe NuMbEr?!?!
Actual trash
Awe I love this so much. 🌸
Emilia Peralta
As someone who is judged for being bisexual, it makes me happy to see that advanced help for people in the LGBTQ+ community. It also makes me happy to see that these people themselves dealt with these problems and are helping young people feel better about themselves and their sexual identities.
Lgbt is pathetic. I think lives in saudi arabian war zones and shit is more important than a guy/girl that cant make up their mind whether they want a dick up their ass or not.
This just made me love these guys more haha
Jaycee Chang
Thank you so much for your vulnerability, Eugene. You’re making such a positive difference for our community. Thank you try guys for using your platform to share and empower the LGBTQ community.
Megan Kai
Does it matter where you live, can you call from any where like Ireland?
Bookworm 2818
I love that they include the peoples preferred pronouns!
Dee Dee Animates
I am confused. I am female and I have a boyfriend and I think I am straight. I am 13 and I’m in middle school. I feel like a piece is missing from me. It feels like I want to be bi or lesbian or something but I just can’t stick. I want to call this hotline but I feel like I shouldn’t because I’m not suicidal. I am very depressed and I feel broken. I’ve been a tomboy all my life. I hate pink, I hate dresses, I hate flowers, I hate all things girly. I’m just very confused.
Wellington Sodre Jr
Wow, that phone call roleplay was... really intense, personally, for some reason. It really felt like, as Eugene said, you're talking to, and listening to a younger version of yourself. All in all, great video.
shauntaza knox
I would call but i'm too scared to.... i'm suicidal and BI. This really got down to heart to me, i have been bullied my whole life. Some days i couldn't handle it and i would have a mental breakdown. I would not eat for days and barely sleep, just because i didn't like how i looked or my personality. My friend that is in the LGBTQ community has sorta helped me out with being BI, but nothing can solve everything.
Miriam Perkins
Does anyone know if we have services like this in Australia? I know a few friends and family members that may need this.
I cried a bit wow... thanks for thisalso YouTube can you actually sort things the way I want, or...
Erin Morticia
Seeing Eugene get emotional made me get emotional. I can only imagine what LGBTQ+ kids go through. I’m glad that there’s an organization like Trevor for them to reach out to.
Laus Albèr
I loved this video so much
Roscoe Riley
Valentina Garcia
Eugine is one of the most compassionate guy I've ever seen he is brave and wonderful and amazing so love you Eugine and support you too good luck with the Trevor foundation I'm not gay but I want to be a volunteer I had a lot of gay friends when I was young only one survive of the aids epidemic I loved them all and I pray one day I'll see them when I go to heaven they were all beautiful people to me I had the greatest memories with them
Natasha Atkinson
shaaf sab
Oh god I can't see Eugene like this! (I can somehow always feel Eugene 's pain I somehow knew that his past was always something in him till date)from the day I saw him on YouTube. And this always saddens me . But do not forget we all love u and all of the try guys. GUYS OUT THERE, THERE IS ALWAYS SOMETHING TO COME BACK TO AND THIS TIME IT'S OUR LOVE SO EVERYONE LOVE YOURSELF AND REMIND YOURSELF U DO MATTER
Brutals AJ
I am a Christian myself and I’m bisexual. I hate how Christians can twist God’s into something it’s not. Telling someone to kill themselves because their trans FIRST isn’t going to do anything, isn’t going to make them “normal” and SECOND God says to love all. Where does God say in the Bible to discriminate The lgbtq community? Exactly. Nowhere. If you’re a true Christian you’ll respect other people no matter if you disagree or not. Thank you.
loading huh
only 2 genders dumbasses
Dee Dee Animates
Hello Trevor Lifeline this is Eugene what’s going on?Me: omg is this Eugene from the try guys? Thank you my depression is cured
Dee Dee Animates
I sEnsE tHe dOg iS iN ThErE
"I have a friend let's call her Stacy" OH MY FUCKING GOD EUGENE SAID MY NAME
you made me feel that man, love ya Eugene
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