The Porsche 959 Is a $1.5 Million Automotive Icon

Published on Dec 4, 2018

GO READ MY COLUMN! CHECK OUT DRIVE COFFEE! The Porsche 959 is one of the most famous Porsche models of all time -- and the 959 is one of the most famous cars from the 1980s. Today I'm reviewing the Porsche 959 to show you the details of one of the world's most amazing cars. FOLLOW ME! Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - DOUGSCORE CHART:

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Doug DeMuro
Have a good day at school, sweetie! Don't lose your 959 first aid kit!
Gilberto Celletti
This is not a car. This is a dream.
I really, really, wish that he didn't talk "UP" at random during and after sentences. It's extremely unbearable.
Lucas Franco
it wins Rally Paris Dakar with miminum modifications (1-2 and 6th positions). And Won his class in Le Mans (7th global).
Bill Playford
Was expecting a Doug Score of Infinity, but then again, I appreciate the objectivity. Thanks for bringing this one together!
Pker Pker
Doug the type of guy that likes to take a dump in the backseats
Ahhh, Doug, you know what? Just shut up and drive!!! I am so jealous. :)
WTH man. Doug. There is something wrong with your eyes. This car looked modern and beautiful for a 1980's supercar. It is still beautiful now. Please get your eyes checked over.
get a haircut, shave and take a shower before you call something ugly - stupid asshole
So is this the best porsche ever built then?
Ingle Ringlet-Snipps 3rd
The wheels were extremely awesome in their own right....hollow spokes to allow air to flow through and they helped the tire pressure sensors. Wheels were made out of magnesium.
Could you imagine, if on camera, some teen on Instagram or Snap chat, rear ended doug at a stop bad. Not life ending bad but car ending bad. Just saying because I have literally witnessed two of the accidents happen in the last few months. Like, have to stay and make a statement to police. That would be just sad.
Scott Thomson
Doug, the type of guy that requests a receipt at a kid’s lemonade stall.
Tom Hertz
hector espino
cool carr dude
Club Sport
Doooood..... You have 2.3 million subs... At least wear some clean shorts.... Those suckers seen some shit....
James B
Anyone else think "cocaine" when seeing this car?
Right Wing Safety Squad
I was aware of this car, but until seeing this video, if I were to see one on the street I would have thought it was "just" an 80s 911 Turbo.
Right Wing Safety Squad
Hey Hans, EU says we need a first aid kit, what should we put in it. I don't know, just a buttload of bandaids.
Chris R
Wow.... what a car.... I actually watched all 4 commercial interruptions to see the whole thing!
Albert Hodge
congratulations !!!
Tony Valdez
Great car in those days,so its imposible steal wheels?:)13:14 Modern cars suck.. But i like more lgendary Ferrari F40.
Perfection. A real technical acheivement back in the 80's. Oddly I preferred them with the wheel covers
Arm Head
Doug - the type of guy to say kaymal instead of camel.
Dalton v
Has anybody actually tried the coffee?
"If he had more room up front"... Aren't you like 6'3, 6'4? lol
Air pressure gauge, adjustable suspension, 198MPH, vented disk brakes, and on the other side of the wall, they had the Trebant.
Michael Kelligan
Without the original transmission i don't want it!
Automotive ive seen it all in the coffee world. stupid ad.
mo Tibortina
Looks like shiiiiiiit
Brendan Berg
Wouldn't it technically be more of a predecessor to the 911 GT1? Both came from Endurance-based racing chassis, and were turned into street cars.
Glenn Oropeza
30 years ago 959 cost $450,000! Always been expensive!
Jordan Russell
The Dakar coffee has a 959 on the tin. Did you miss this??My all-time favourite car. It's a bit like a 911 without a hideous, sloped back-end...
Marco Lojewski Jr.
They even had the 959 coffee.
Slashley gibbins
Doug, the type of guy to store his consumables in order of Weight, size, colour and personal preference (perfectly level shelving and daily dust checks are a must).
Vince Edwards
If I had the money, this car would be first on the list, then a Carrera GT, then a 993 turbo, then a Spyder
alexandre dubois
Also : the branches of the rims are empty ! So the air of the tyre is going inside and it allows to detect if there is a rift. As well, the engine what air-cooled as for all other 911 but the cylinder head was water cool. The G drive is actually the 1st gear but for homologation purposes (6 speed was not possible) the called the 1st gear G so the car remains a 5 speed car. And very interesting as well, Porsche did a 3rd "model" (in addition to sport & comfort) of the 959, named 959 S. This model could have between 460 and 515 HP depending on customer choice. The +30 years old car is a myth ! Good review thanks
6:35 Not nearly as cool as the Lamborghini V12 which had the firing order embossed in the cam cover up until the Diablo days10:40 Not really, 964 series 911 Turbo S featured this hole. Come on Doug, I'm more Doug than you!Edit: Just seen you added about the 964!
Charles Gruss
Hi Doug, Love your Sow. Watch it Regularly.Just seen your review on the PORSCHE 959. I Remember WHEN this Car was Released, and one of the MOST STRANGE FEATURES were in the WHEELS. You mentioned that YOU RECOGNIZE the Rims Immesiately as a 959 Rim.There was ONE FEATURE that you DID NOT Mention. Maybe you did NOT KNOW IT, BUT the Rim Spokes were HOLLOW and the AIR in the Tires ALSO FILLED THE HOLLOW RIMS. Please let me know IF this IS aFeature that Exists.Thanks Charles Gruss, Toronto, Canada.
Danny Galeotafiore
Dear Doug Demuro, Great video!! However you forgot one major part about the glorious Porsche 959. THE EXHAUST SOUND!!! In my opinion it is the most beautiful exhaust note a vehicle could possibly make.. out this trance song @ 7:25. This song was made for this car. -Danny G
crazy germans
Robert Cummings London
FAR ahead of it's time!
Doug Hill
Have you never been in a 70's or 80's 911? That's a pretty stock interior for the time (except for all the suspension controls).
Brett Soares
Too many ads
Absolute masterpiece.
Lennart R. // LK Bonsai
pls, show us the celica supra, or supra mk3, mk4, whatever. pls :D
11:48 G == Geländeand not Geland
Joris Ludwig
What a fantastic car! I think you should try to find a child to fit in the back, we know you won't fitActually a desirable and special Porsche!
M Gillin
Great review. I wish my driving experience could give a 0-60 3.8 seconds an 8 out of 10
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