Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel - Trailer 2

Published on Dec 4, 2018

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Runtime 00:02:19

marvel, comics

Everyone who left a scummy comment about this movie is going to come back running to delete them when this movie turns out to be amazing
KING asrafull alom
how come that black guy has both of his eays
Collin Anderson
The first line marvel says is kinda lame
Really? I thought a hero is one who goes above and beyond to help others regardless of the consequences. You cannot be a race of noble warrior heroes as that would mean your 'heroic work' is expected of you and is part of your racial and social identity. Sorry, not a hero.
Danyo Life
Ahhh now I know why she hit the old lady
Candy Crushers
Can Elon save Tony? 🤔
Michael Schneider
Did DC and Marvel switch roles? Aquman looks to be good fun this however seems to be you're run in the milk superhero movie with a "bit" of feminism in it... No thanks!
Amith kumar
I think at last part of this video she is flying to save iron Man..😆
Heron Cortizo
00:40-00:46 old lay says "We made you one of us so you could live longer" Thats the key word she lives longer and she won't be old in 2018 because here DNA was fused with the Kree.
Why does this look so much like Green Lantern?
we've gone off the deep end and I´m just wondering how far we'll fall
So even Captain Marvel's a chick now.... geez, the 'wingers are right, PC has run amok.
Ami Hoosin
is this related to avengers and Thanos ? or this is a completely different series
Melvin Brennan III
Jude Law should smile more
Nitisha Sharma
Nick Fury looks so cheerful in this movie, while he is so serious in other Marvel movies
Brandon Waldo
Her and Thor should bone.
Sampragya Agarwal
I'm not feeling it, that's new because I love MCU.😕😟
catherine muturi
i dont think she matches the role.. marvel, please dont turn into DC
Magnuz Gamez
Atleast Nick Fury kept Both Eyes Open in the 19s
Jay Man
I'm not going to fight your war.. I'm going to end it. I feel this will be worth watching
Akshatha m
Kill thanos
Zboy 115
Gotta say Marvel, you are the true CAPTAIN.ok I'll leave
Vince C
looks like the God's Killer just been upgraded...
Parademics Turkey
A HERO💪🏻👩🏼
Why didnt Nick Fury call captain marvel when he was about to be killed by Loki in 'The Avengers?'
Sócrates the GOAT
Don't know about this one, looks very cliché
Not gonna lie ... I don't care a single second about Captain Marvel.More Nick Fury/Samuel L. muthafuckin Jackson on the other hand ? All of my yes.
Gial Ackbar
God has joined the server!
Roberto Bayra
and we have a new girl super saiyan to defeat thanos.
Phumudzo Bele
First trailer was better, first trailer background music was better
Veil Lord
Nick Fury being a cat lover makes my day! 🤣😂
Markus Bryan
this is should be a first avenger
Dab Man
"I'm gonna end it."(Accuses Thanos of Sexual Assault)
Abhay Agarwal
I really didn't liked it ,many liked it too tho
Christian Okunrobo
Thanos has left the chat
Can only judge the 2 seconds we’ve seen here and in the teaser. But I feel like the casting isn’t quite right. Whatever the character is supposed to be... I feel like the actress lacks any kind of presence or star quality- for this particular kind of film anyway. 🤷🏾‍♀️ We’ll see when it comes out...Marvel... do not mess this up for us. 😂
Ink Stains
This is just like green lantern which has me worried
Kurniyadi Muttaqin
Its literally" female captain america with ironman power"
The Orteig
I'm like not gonna be in your like war or whatever...I'm like gonna totally like end it.I'm sorry. Had to. In all seriousness, Brie is going to be great in this. Hands down.
Márk Bányai
I am SOOO excited about this new mary sue.
An Do
No one talk about 'Playstation 2 CGI level' on 1:53???
Devanandana Shoma
Wow........Nick Fury with a catLike how strange can it get right????
Just another special effects movie!
Young Nick Fury? So this is before Infinity war, interesting xd
João Branco
lol this will tank so hard
Valentin Javier GUARDO
Cringe cringe cringe
Did not get a feel for this at all. Idk about this green lantern spin off
Aziza Iqbal
The slaw is just the beginning
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